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The workbook in this category is the Hands-On Show & Tell Workbook developed by the Tell Me A Good Story nonprofit organization. It teaches people how to research, document, preserve and share a story, face-to-face, with others. The workbook teaches how to create and share a story about an item that can be held ‘hands-on’ during the telling of the story. Research shows that we learn, remember, and connect better, with people and information, when we can hold in our hands the item about which a story or information is being told. Our brains love stories, and when we hold an item in our hands while hearing its story, our brains learn and remember information using all five of our senses.

We have found that it is easier for people to tell a story about a real item. While fictional stories can be very interesting and entertaining, most people have difficulty making up a story. However, we have found that people of all ages can learn to tell a story about an item. The item might be an old book, a souvenir, something passed down in the family through the generations, or just an interesting item that has a cool story.

One of the primary goals of our organization is to encourage people to tell stories face-to-face. There are many proven educational, mental, physical and social benefits to storytelling, especially when sharing stories face-to-face. Since the concept we teach is called ‘hands-on’ storytelling, by definition, the storyteller and the listener(s) are face-to-face. Thus, in learning and using this technique, you and your listener will get to experience and enjoy those benefits.

In return for a small, tax deductible donation, you can download an electronic format of this great workbook (PDF file). If you would like to download it, simply add it to your cart and then checkout. You are allowed to use the workbook for your own personal use, but may not redistribute to others without the express written consent of the Tell Me A Good Story organization.

We hope that you will find the workbook useful in helping you learn how to research, document and share your own stories. Stories are what link us with those we know and love. Share a story today with someone you care about. You will both be glad you did.


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